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i used to think the same thing about women, "all women are catty back-stabbers who are only interested in superficial, self-serving relationships with other women."

i never had to "take stock of myself" however because i just met more women and quite a few turned out not to be like that. my initial prejudices were formed in the "townie high-school" milieu, and as soon as i bothered to expand my horizons a wee li'l bit, that pattern of thought was neutralized.

this is why it pisses me off when women say they "can't" connect with or be in friendships or relationships with other women.

i agree that if you are doing something a certain way and do not like the results you are getting, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate the way you go about doing things. unless your life is so great that you need to instill a certain degree of "failure" into it in order to feel that you have achieved "balance", or whatever...
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