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So you believe I am a anomaly then ?

I have dated from one side of my country to the other, also dated some people outside of my country. So I don`t see it as even a geographical thing. I`m nothing out of the ordinary as a person. I`m not a swedish supermodel, and I put my leg in my pants one size 7 foot at a time.

So I can`t be a magical, mythical princess.

25 men are ALL assholes ?

Lets say that is true. Every single one was a douchebag. Your and your Mrs. radar is on spot and every guy you attempted with, was a complete fuckknob.

Do you remember that saying about being the common denominator, in any group ?
Example :
If I have 10 people who are all pissed off with me, whats the common denominator in the group ? ME.

Now,..that doesn`t automatically make me wrong, anymore then it does you. There is however a responsibility to myself to sit back and take note of how I handled myself to get to a point, where I pissed off 10 people. Maybe it`s justified, maybe it`s not. People don`t like thinking outside the box, no matter how much they say they do. There are a billion variables, right ?

The one thing I DO know, is that the one thing I can mold, control, and work on, ME.

My unsolicited advice is to take the time to reassess your protocol and screening process. Also take the time to figure out what type of image you are projecting. We do attract to us, what energies we put out.
If you don`t like 100% of the males you attract, it`s time to take internal stock, and figure out why.

I cannot even agree that MOST men are douchebags. Thats a cop-out.

I can give you a self-example as well. As I mentioned before, half of all 'try for sex' contact I get, is from the female of a couple, hoping to befriend me, and get my guard down for some 3some desire she has with her man. Is this a bad thing ? No. It`s only a bad thing, if I tell them I have zero interest and they persist.

I have taken stock on why I attract that type of couple. I do understand my pictures, and 'playful' type of profiles that I write, are probably responsible for their hopefulness. I have made the decision to tone myself down a little, but ultimately, I like how I present myself, so I don`t blame them for wanting things.
I have choices. If I ever decided I want to attract couples, I would do a thorough inventory of how I present myself. I`d probably also NOT explicity state I was looking for that. Things tend to work better, when you people watch, and approach someone who isn`t 'on the hunt'.

Anyhow,..only my thoughts as someone who does not think most men are a-holes.
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