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Originally Posted by DrunkenPorcupine View Post
Specific issues would be the teaching of "American History" with a focus on the establishment of government. ..............
History covers wars but never the individual, human impact wars have.

While American History teaches how the Americans fought the revolutionary war to cast of the chains of English tyranny, the truth is that it was the American powerful kicking off the British powerful. Their wealth was established (and retained) by the very land-grants given to them by the British et cetera.

Basically, it's a matter of perspective. Government schools (for so many reasons, from lack of perspective to legislature mandated standardized testing) have no ability to teach the values of personal freedom and responsibility that I would instill in my children and that I think are so VERY vital.

So that doesn't appeal to non-anarchists, but I've got issues with the very nature of the American education system as well. It's based on the Prussian model which was developed for the purpose of creating soldiers and factory workers. Drones, as I see them.

They seperate children by age groups, not intellectual capacity. In lower grades, this is even worse since children get instruction with the same class in ALL subjects by the same teacher. At least in middle schools, they're rotating teachers and classmates to diversify the pool of knowledge and perspectives.

I beleive the purpose of education isn't to give kids skills, it's to show them how to be adults. Gaining skills comes with that, but there's more to it. Social interactions, for instance. Development of a self-enforcing morality. Fostering non-educational interests. I think tossing a bunch of ignorant (in it's true sense of "lacking information") children together under the supervision of ONE person is contrary to this process. Children learn to be adults by interacting with adults, not children. I can't help but think that children in this kind of setting are treated like cattle, with the teachers as the herders, rather than developing, diverse, individual human beings. Even when teachers have the best intentions, they're limited to their own perspectives and value sets. It MUST come down to that since the kids aren't given enough infomation to form their own perspectives inside that model.
I am so with you on this. I'm not an anarchist, but I am soooooo totally there with you on the facts that I left in the quote.

You kicked ass explaining it-wish more people understood these faulty circumstances in our educational system!
I want my children to learn to THINK, not simply to obey.

That concept was driven home to me in highschool (my own highschool) when I joined JROTC. I had MORE education on thinking for myself in the military style training than I did in my REGULAR CLASSES! EEK!

My ten year old son whose never seen the inside of a public school thinks for himself so well.
My older three kids who had some public school and some not, all struggle with just following along.

Yes-I understand that as people each child is different, but it's impossible to not see the changes after a child enters that type of environment opposed to before they ever set foot in it.

Thank you for writing it out so much more eloquently than I could.
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