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Default well...

I guess we are a weird couple because we do enjoy spending most of our free time together. Always have. Friends have always teased us. We miss each other terribly when we are not together.
With the sex - she has always had a low libido, which is why I had brought the convo of this to begin with (my mistake) because after 9 years of mismatched libido, I am hurtin'. I feel like a part of me is dead inside. I have to have emotions to have sex, though, so poly would make the most sense. It is scary, though, to think that she could have sex with another (and a man at that) and get caught up in NRE and want more sex with them than me...or being that she has always had a low libido, get her sex from the other and meet her 'quoata' and not have any for me. I connect through sexual intimacy...that is where I feel more wholeness and love, she gets it through me feeding her good homemade food and snuggles, but I suddenly have this fear she will turn into a sex vixen with someone who is not me : (
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