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HAHAHA oh boy, had to laugh.

Thanks for all the generalizations, they rocked.

Men are pigs eh ? Well, I`ve not ever had a man be able to talk me into casual sex. I guess that might taint my perception ? I figure people can hope and wish for whatever they want. If I don`t want it, it isn`t happening. When I think about it, of the people that do 'try', it`s been 50/50 between some hopeful men, and the woman from a M/F couple thinking she can get my guard down, and they will get themselves a playmate to screw.

As for my husband ??

Well, he`s had a hard time finding a woman that doesn`t just want to fuck him. He`s trying to learn about poly, and instead, kept getting offers for casual sex. Even with enjoying casual sex, he preferred a friends first scenario, and a few dates. Instead, he had girls who ' can`t take him serious, because he is married'.

I speak in the past tense, as he started a friendship/ romantic interest a few months ago, with a woman who is beyond delightful, and poly herself. Yay.

Like any form of dating your going to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your `charmings.

Polyamory is not a priviledged artform. There is an asshole in every crowd. Usually plenty of them, too.
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