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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Well, I'm 55 and I don't do the bar scene, actually never did much of that even in college or twenties.

My jobs (paid and volunteer) have a dearth of available men.

I tried, but don't want to spend hours hanging out with boring mainstream people in the hopes that one cool one comes along someday.

I could go to poly munches, I have gone to a couple in Boston, but that's 20 miles away. Okc is just so much easier for me! Yeah, I guess it was a last resort and I am just a loser!

just for the record, I don't "do" the "bar scene" either, but there was a local band playing there that night so that's why I was there. Which makes it even more noteworthy that I met my husband at that particular venue because we both hung out at the same coffee shops and were friends with the entire same group of people and we never met during all that time.
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