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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
What is wrong with their pace? It isn't how you do things but isn't that because it is their relationship? It sounds like you are confused by this
I am!

and I would be too probably, but it is their relationship and their way of doing things... if your gf is okay with it all then its all good no?
Yeah... I guess. I sure felt I needed to vent about it here tho, because it doesnt feel "good," you know? It feels weird! (Hence my subject title.)


If you want them to get the sex part over with because you want to hurry up and deal with it, it looks like you are going to have to respectfully wait. You wouldn't want them to rush because of you would you....? really?
No, of course not. My gf is sending me mixed messages tho. On the one hand she says she is fine with the pace and with LC always being there, 5 times. On the other hand, she does careful personal grooming to be ready for the sex each time before a date! She's a sub so she's just following his/their lead. I am sure when M is ready for full on sex, he'll make that clear to LC and she will make herself scarce. I just feel on tenterhooks. I generally have to fend men off, myself, from going too fast into the sex bit. Quite the opposite of this situation.

Maybe she should stop talking about what they do so much and let you know when she thinks the sex might happen in order for you to prepare. Perhaps by then it will be more of a "oh thank god" thing rather than a "okay, lets deal thing" not all bad I think?
Nah, it's in both our natures to gush and share most details of any dates we have with each other.
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