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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I met my husband at a bar. Bars are more "real" than dating services, IMO. I didn't go to that bar with the intention of "meeting someone" though. I was there to see a local band and so was he. Neither one of us was there to try to "hook up" or "get laid", although that's what ended up happening.

I must admit (and you guys can hate me for this all you want) that I see dating services as a kind of "last resort" for people who can't find anyone in "real life".

Well, I'm 55 and I don't do the bar scene, actually never did much of that even in college or twenties.

My jobs (paid and volunteer) have a dearth of available men.

I tried, but don't want to spend hours hanging out with boring mainstream people in the hopes that one cool one comes along someday.

I could go to poly munches, I have gone to a couple in Boston, but that's 20 miles away. Okc is just so much easier for me! Yeah, I guess it was a last resort and I am just a loser!
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