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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Ok, it has been my and my wife's observation that MOST men view polyamory differently than most women.

SINGLE men (in our experience) are pigs. They get on poly sites or CLAIM to be poly, simply to get laid. They figure that since a woman's "poly", she's easy. (So not true) Once they get what the woman has, they move on to the next conquest. Leaving the woman a mess afterward.

Single women who are poly or at least open to it, on the other hand, are hard to find in the poly world.

Now, I've even noticed this in MARRIED men also. They claim to be "poly", but what they are REALLY saying, is that it's ok to have a 3-sum with two women, but no men are allowed to touch their mate. To me, thats not poly. Thats selfish. If their mate finds another man attractive or mentally stimulating, the guy freaks.
These are valid fears many women encounter. Is a married poly woman who is dedicated to her mono husband considered as easy or a slut for having thoughts of dating/sleeping with other men and/or women? Is it wrong to flirt and be flirted with?

I have found that most single men don't agree with taking it to the next level with a married woman. Flirting is okay, but nothing more than that. Those are my observations.
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