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Gf is out now with her new bf and his gf seeing Tron the Legacy on IMAX. I was invited but declined, as they were going to get there 3 hours early and wait on line. I recently saw the original Tron, and thought it was just OK, but not so exciting I wanted to wait on a line for 3 hours in the cold.

A few days ago gf told me the wait would be inside, so maybe I would've actually had fun getting to talk to M and LC. Oh well, I've got a long trip coming up on Monday and needed to get back to my apartment to take care of some things that needed doing before we go away.

It's weird having weekends free again now and then, since gf started seeing M. We've been in each others' back pockets for close to 2 years and tho I have been dating, I almost always did it during the week or at least on Friday nights so gf and I could be together on the weekend.

Actually, it's kind of nice to have a bit more time to myself. I found myself with time to write out Xmas cards, for example, which I hadn't done in 2 or 3 years (combination of reasons, divorce, ill daughter, NRE with gf, dating). I'm also coming out of my fog of being busily "single" again and have found I now have more interest in current events and other interests of mine that have taken a back seat.

Gf texted me a few times while she was waiting in the theater, which was nice.
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