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I know what you mean about piggish men. I have a zero tolerance for them. I wish men would not perpetuate the stereo type of piggish men get the girl cause it just isn't true. They might get some pussy and they might get some cock, but they don't get quality and the joy that comes from a connection... sure it is rare, but is available and when a person is engaged in piggish behaviour they miss the doors that open completely.

Finding numb connections with others means that is all that is drawn to you. I fully believe that have experienced that. Have you seen my post on whole hearted people in my blog? it talks more of this idea. to have joy we must be willing to engage, rather than be numb.

Mindfulagony, please don't settle. You are worth more than that and seem to want more than a shallow, surface, looking good from the outside connections and depth.
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