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Default I agree..

I agree with Redpepper, if what you are doing is talking to get other people's perspectives and help you better understand yourself and what you want that is healthy. I do that. I often won't even know what I want until I talk it out with someone and have the opportunity to express my thoughts successively. So, maybe that is the way you should try to express it. Say that you are looking to vent your feelings, but get a better more rounded perspective. You are looking for advice and ways to make your relationship work better that you yourself may not have seen. It is never your intention to badmouth or destroy your relationship. Even express how supportive your friends are, as I assume they are based on what you said. But you are going to have to give a little in terms of the things you may say, because some people are very private and that will definitely drive a wedge between you. Ask questions like, what things are you uncomfortable with me talking about? What is okay to say? Dig to clarify the lines. And also, try to make it clear that you will say many more things in your relationship about the people around you because of the intimacy you share. And it is not about just babbling on telling everything that happens to anyone. The nature of your relationship makes you feel as if you can say anything and everything. Or at least that you should be able to. Anyway, those are my suggestions and thoughts. Good luck.
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