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Originally Posted by pokey View Post
How do you seem to deal with this lifestyle with such security? You seem to not care what anyone else thinks nor do you care. How do you maintain this attitude in the cookie cutter world we live in? Do you ever fear you will lose your relationship with your son? parents? etc...? I would appreciate your insight with all of this
Security comes from knowing this is natural and right. There is nothing illegal about polyamory.

If people cannot see the happiness in me and appreciate it, than I am fine with them not being in my life. I am black or white. My family all know and are not the type to pass judgement, they want me to be happy and healthy.

I am certain of my happiness and in our collective love. I need no approval or understanding. I only need for people to accept we are happy and respect Redpepper and her husband. If someone chooses to disrespect either of them they would do much better to make sure I am not around.

As far as the cookie cutter world we live in..look around, there is a lot more diversity than you might imagine

If the world doesn't want to associate with me because I am in a loving and communicative relationship then fuck them. I can turn that switch off.

I am in love with Redpepper with everything I have, she has two men who love her immensely, we have her love and her son has all of us...what's to be insecure of?

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