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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Anyone have any ideas on how to effectively communicate?

I am pretty sure that how we all communicate in our "V" is uniquely honest and very open. Sometimes we are very blunt and up front too. It is a constant thing and can be quite exhausting, but I am never left feeling I don't know what is going on. It keeps me in check and constantly thinking about my two men over and above me. I have never experienced giving so much, have never been so in touch with myself and have never known the ins and outs of my loves more than now I am in this relationship configuration. It has gotten to the point where I know immediately when something is off in me, and can read the two of my men more than I ever have. I am so in tune with them and can sometimes predict what will happen for them before it happens... heightened awareness so to speak.
I know that I "know" when things are off with Me and AB. Im tuning to Al too. Certain mannerisms and just a Vibe that I get. Im a thinker and a talker... I often have alot of things going round in my head at once. Which often means that I can come across as rather a random person. With our relationship abut to undergo the biggest step very soon Im hoping that communication isn't a huge issue. Especially since we have only had talking as our biggest form of communication and connection for so long. How Ab and Al feel about things Is very important to me. And knowing that they are happy and content make me happy and content.
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