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As far as our relationship goes, as far as I know, Easy, Asha and I are doing just fine. Asha wants to be accepted by the community because play parties are something she enjoys very much and misses quite a lot. I want to be accepted by some of these people because, well, I enjoy their company and I enjoy being able to be "out". I guess I'm afraid that if I don't act "right", then Asha won't be allowed her play parties, because Easy is my husband and if I'm not subly enough then they won't perceive him as domly enough or some such. Sigh. I'm having a hard time figuring out this community--so I guess I'm trying to figure out, how important is it that I act according to certain rules if I want to be accepted by the community? Can I afford to shrug off the people who don't like the way I behave? I *have* been approached by someone wanting to attach me to a mentor so I can learn what being a true submissive is all about...I didn't think much of it at the time, but now I'm worried that it's because I'm not acceptable.
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