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I'm always a day late and a dollar short.

We homeschooled because I was bullied mercilessly throughout school, to the point of writing suicidal notes in my journal when I was ten. I'm not saying this for pity, but as a fact. I put my son, reluctantly, in public preschool because it was the thing to do, and he loved it, and I loved it. He did well, the teachers were great, and I had time to focus on the new baby. However, things changed when he entered kindergarten. The teachers were always complaining about him, he was being bullied on the playground. We volunteered in his classroom, and we were shocked to see that our son was sitting alone at a table in the corner while the other kids sat together. Turns out he was talking too much so they isolated him. We spent the afternoon helping the other kids color on the paper with a green crayon and sort scraps of paper into groups of color. Our son didn't color--he was the only one in the room who didn't need to because he could read the word "green", so he didn't need remind himself with a crayon what color he was looking for. We though, our son learned to read at home and the teacher isn't teaching him at all. Nothing we saw the rest of the year changed our mind. When the teacher cornered me at the end of the year with the speech therapist and told me my son had a speech impediment--he took a breath sometimes in the middle of a word, which was "inappropriate"--BUT they weren't going to do anything about it, there wasn't anything I could do about it, and it might not even manifest as a problem, I informed them that I was going to homeschool. The teacher said, "That might be a good idea" and I thought, heck if the school doesn't want him, I'm certainly not going to force it down his throat.

We homeschooled until he was 15, and we loved it. I loved being an active part of his education. We went places, we did things, we had many opportunities which I don't think we would have had if the kids were public schooled. I still mourn the loss. My son asked to go to high school, because he said he felt isolated. He likes school, but he's hard to take sometimes. He's much more moody now, and he never has any time because he's always doing schoolwork. He's been bullied (again) and the school did nothing about it (again). He's encountered teachers who don't care if he passes or fails, and sadly, he's encountered teachers who don't know how to help him learn if he doesn't fit in a certain box. He struggles daily, and I feel helpless and angry that today might be the day that kills his love of learning. But maybe he enjoys the challenge, because he insists that he stay in this school. I'm still researching other schools, just in case.

My daughter is an easier kid. She went to a Montessori elementary school and loved it. Now she's in a gifted and talented program at middle school, but it's very mired in old-school, "think-in-the-box" type teaching, where her work is invalidated if it's not performed within strict parameters. Again, researching other schools.
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