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Okay, so question for the people active in their local BDSM community. I'm worried, but maybe it's for nothing.

So I was talking to Asha today, and she said that she had seen me snub Easy during a munch we went to. I know that some of the people here are very judgmental and concerned with how "proper" subs and doms are supposed to act. I've been getting some weird looks that I can't interpret, and some people won't talk to me no matter how friendly I am. Now I'm worried that I'm not behaving in the accepted way, and it's affecting how we're accepted. Normally, I'd (probably) say oh well, I guess we're not friends. But this is important to Asha.

Easy says he doesn't care, I can be how I am and it doesn't matter if people accept me. How important are appearances? Should I be worried that I broke some code and now no one will ever accept me? I suppose that I could allow myself to be ousted for the good of the group, but it would be somewhat painful to be the only one who couldn't go to get-togethers. Actually, I'm not sure I could accept being the babysitter while everyone else went out. Maybe that's selfish.

How am I supposed to be acting? I was given the impression that I could be myself, but am I really supposed to be kneeling at Easy's feet?
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