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What Ari said!

Originally Posted by Karma View Post
my mother was a religious psychopath with a whole host of her own psychological issues who refused to allow me to have/attend the normal social experiences kids my age should have had because they were "a bad influence on a christian boy", and you end up with a dangerous, bitter boy with a serious underdog complex and not a snowball's chance in hell of acting or socializing like a "normal person".
My dad's mom was very much the same. He joined the wrestling team instead . His parents never once came to any of his matches or showed any kind of support at all. They wouldn't even pick him up on their way home after work, he had to arrange his own transportation home. Needless to say, he carries extreme resentment to this day. However, when we were kids, he made sure that he showed an interest in all of our activities and did everything in his and my mom's power to support us. I think he was able to re-live a lot of stuff through us and seeing my brother and I do the same for our kids makes him feel as if he has corrected a wrong.

There maybe some kid out there in your same situation and with your experiences you may be able to help save them from themselves.
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