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I was being a bit facetious/sarcastic when I said I don't like to share. I have two teenage daughters, I share things I don't want too. Ha

I will elaborate for you. When I think about my hubby with someone else I feel jealousy, yes, but also I feel loss. I don't want to lose the special and unique relationship my hubby has only with me. Fundamentally , it is selfishness and a strong love for my hubby that makes this hard for me. He has been telling me all about this life style for years. I have thought about this a lot. I don't see myself handling it in a healthy way. He keeps asking me to try this life style but I liken it to having another child. You don't just give it a go. This is a new life, a new person you are opening yourself and your entire family to. If you try it and it works, great, if it doesn't you are left with the drama, hurt or disease or what have you, of this experience. It doesn't just stop, it becomes who you are forever. Giving a little of myself away just to see how it goes doesn't sound very healthy.

Thanks for asking,
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