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PS -- I'm hoping one day to find the word "microeutopianism" in a dictionary. It's my coinage. It refers to "those who subscribe to the theory (or theories) and practice(s) of creating small (very local) good places".

Macro-eutopias, I theorize, would be built of micro-eutopias, little by little, and one can start as small as they wish, either in public or private space -- or even in what I call "the communal sphere" ("the third sphere"). The communal sphere is the third and less known and recognized "sphere" which extends the concept of the public and private spheres.

One concrete example of a living and vital miroeutopian tradition would be bioregionalism. However, my own term (microeutopianism) can be applied to ANY scale of activity, however small. Very temporary examples of microeutopian expression are sometimes called TAZs (Temporary Autonomous Zones). I'm sure examples of living traditions are abundant. E.g., the intentional community and ecovillage movements.

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