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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
that's very interesting. i'll undo it.

It really is quite interesting. I discovered these nuances while reading up on utopian thought / literature some years ago. At that time, as now, the concept of utopianism was nearly universally pooh-poohed by "respectible intellectuals".
Only the "pollyana" and illiterate were expected to indulge. So I perceived a window back to respectability when I learned that the criticism of utopia was displaced. That is, it's a straw man. Utopia was evoked as an impossible perfection, the pursuit of which inevitably results in dystopia (a bad place). Well, that may be so. But that's not was what was at stake with a good ol' fashioned eutopian like myself (one who serves the creation of good place--or at least believes in its possibility). Good may be less than perfect, but it's at least somewhat achievable, and doesn't deserve to be lumped together with no place (nowhere--the impossible). Playful eutopians can even play around with breaking nowhere into now here! All that's needed is a little space.
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