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Smile Thank you!

Thank you all so much for your responses. This type of forum is exactly what I feel like I need right now to help me process. And I have really good news. I told my partner last night that I joined this forum. He, of course, knew in advance that I was considering this, we just hadn't discussed it for quite sometime. If I know him as well as I think I do, I knew that he hadn't forgotten about it and had probably given it a lot more thought than I even knew. Well, I was right. I opened conversation about this because right now, we are making a lot of life changes anyway (diet, exercise, new home, new job possibility). We are also giving up meat for awhile to try out some new veggie and vegan dishes and last night in the kitchen as I prepared my first dish using tofu, it dawned on my that this is, in many ways, very similar to trying a new way of eating. We are trying a new way of doesn't have to be a BAD thing. We can choose to embrace it and try it out and communicate about it and strike a balance that works for us. Real, genuine relationships HAVE to be like that, and with my partner and I in this together, I feel like we can do anything we want together. It really floored me to listen to his well thought out answers and dialogue last night about all of this. It could not have gone better if I had written a script for it myself! We talked about some rules that are absolutely unbendable in his mind and he told me that right now, while he's processing, he'd like to only discuss this maybe once a week unless something major comes up. Really, everyone, he was so great about it!

Mono-Thanks for the advice and comments. Yes, to answer your question...I am totally content with him as my male partner and my desires do lie in finding a female partner to explore all of that feminine, soft energy and intimacy with. I don't want to replace him...not at all.

Yes, Redpepper, we create our own reality every day when we wake up. I have believed in living with intent and purpose for awhile now and those ideals should roll over to this as well. Thanks for pointing that out.

Somegeezer-Awesome quote...!! "It's a world that tries to put limits on love, that's what's crazy!" So true, in my book!

Carma-Again, it's about creating your own reality and asking questions. "What IF?" We never know unless we try and we won't ever find true happiness sometimes unless we push the limits of what is possible! Thanks so much for the reminder!

Thanks again everyone! I'll keep you updated.
Love is my religion <3
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