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Default The search continues

Alright, So here's an update.

Ben and I took my ex girlfriend, who is still a really good friend of mine to a concert and when we got there, they had the minors blocked off from the 21 and a gate. I looked at Ben and practiced some honest, "I'm upset, humiliated, and I want to leave." He smiled and said thank you for being honest and we all left. (Ben is 28 and I'm 19, I know that sounds like a difference, but I promise it balances out.)

All 3 of us ended up going home, having a few drinks and having our first 3-way...surprisingly a very romantic, intimate 3-way! It was so wonderful to get a taste of what a triad might feel like!!! My ex, (D, we'll call her for privacy) slept in our bedroom and Ben slept on our futon. I went back and forth from bed to bed and caressed each one and kissed their necks and cheeks very gently. Ben told me he loved this new side I was showing and he was so understanding and honest with me.

Here's the thing, D is interested in me, i don't think she's interested in Ben very much and that worries me. Ben and I made a few 3-way dating rules and one was the "veto rule"...if we feel our third is trying to hog one member of the relationship, become a home wrecker of some sort, we instantly drop that person and rekindle a monogamous relationship until we find someone else. D doesn't seem to be home wrecking, she just has very little interest in Ben and it's depressing. I'm not really torn, because I think we could stay really good friends. But I kind of am torn because she's like the perfect type for us...Oh well. In conclusion, we had a really good experience sexually and physically and it gave us an idea of what we're looking for. But our search still continues.
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