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Living together has been great so far and of course it is not without some challenges. Anyone who has read Redpepper's Journey knows we tried something out with the use of her room and it wasn't the most positive experience. I pushed myself and it was the right thing to do. Just because it was the right thing to do doesn't mean it turned out well however. I am all about feeling positive and limited energy in where I live. I have created a memory in my space that that reminds me of the compromise Redpepper makes in being with me. BUT, I created it; no one else did. I needed to test the waters with having Redpepper's non-sexual boyfriend spend alone time in her room. They watched a movie and snuggled a bit. I could hear them and I did pretty well until the next day when she reminded me of the sexual energy they swim in. It has been worked out but the energy that my response created lingers. It reminds me that this is not the ideal situation, but it is overall great! She needs her own completely private space with her own entrance.
We have learned some things but rest assured I am pretty happy. I love her dearly XOXOXOX

We're all still doing very well

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