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Default dream on!

"5. I am not interested in only sex...I am such a "family" person and that would be what I would want this to feel like. I would want that woman who comes in to be not only my lover, but a dear friend to him as well. Is this even reasonable, people, or am I off my rocker, here?"

I'm new here too, but one thing I'm learning is to stop suppressing my dreams. I got here in the first place by asking, "WHAT IF?" My husband and I, as well as my spice and I, kept saying, "In a perfect world..." I can't believe I found polyamory and realized we're not the only ones with these wild dreams, asking, like you, "Am I off my rocker here??"

I sometimes think I'm crazy for this endeavor, but I'm realizing, no -- it's a world that tries to put limits on love, that is what's crazy.

This forum is full of people who are brave, honest, and creative, among other wonderful qualities I'm so glad to be here, and I thank everyone for sharing!
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