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Again, not specific to the case, but this article makes a lot of good points that should be talked about...worth the time to read it.

Critique of Pure Relationships: On Consent and Compulsory Monogamy
Sat, 11 Dec 2010
by Angi Becker Stevens and Alex Upham

One of the most commonly offered objections to the feasibility of non-monogamous romantic relationships is the concept of jealousy. Jealousy is given validation as a perfectly “natural” and unavoidable emotional response to the thought of a romantic partner engaging in physically or emotionally intimate behaviors with others outside of that partnership. Blame for jealousy is rarely placed on the person feeling it, but instead on the person “causing” jealousy in their partner; only in rare cases do people view jealousy as being unwarranted, excessive, or unprovoked. Jealousy is in turn used to make otherwise unsavory behavior permissible; our society often condones possessive and controlling behavior when such behavior is motivated by a desire “to defend one’s territory.” While we commonly reject the idea that one human being has a right to any kind of ownership over another in contexts such as the workplace or an educational institution, we generally take for granted at least some degree of ownership in romantic relationships. How frequently do we hear phrases such as “my woman” or “my man,” particularly with regard to the notion of “protecting our property” from the intrusion of a third party? Even in otherwise relatively egalitarian relationships, this possessiveness is generally seen as acceptable and warranted when there is a perceived threat of infidelity. In the context of compulsory monogamy, jealousy acts as a sort of trump card: Love, society tells us, means willingly refraining from anything that makes our partner feel discomfort and insecurity.
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