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Yesterday was my birthday!

I'm now young enough to know better & old enough to do it any way! lol

I was supposed to go see Jeff Dunham Saturday night as a gift from Breathes. Unfortunately, due to someone's faulty 69 year old memory we didn't have a reliable vehicle to get there . Adored friend drove her winter beater. Unfortunately it decided to over heat less than an hour out of town (. We didn't make it there, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

We did have an enjoyable evening yesterday though. There were five of us here for dinner & fellowship . Meatloaf, veggies, mashed potatoes & Raspberry Red Velvet cake were to be had .

I had both of my guys here with me as well as adored friend and another friend . We watched Just Wright starring Queen Latifah. Really good movie, that woman can make even crepe paper look sexy! mrawr! The only thing that could have made it better would have been to have Halle Berry here to watch it with us, lol.
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