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I just think it's interesting that they could pick anything they wanted for a screen-name and they picked that.

And the fact that it's "they". If I were a HBB/Unicorn candidate, I'd be more receptive if a couple came on as each individual, separately, like the rest of the folks on this board.

I think the choice of words in the written/internet medium is more important than ever (and you have said elsewhere that you agree with this, JR). Spelling and grammar, maybe not so important. But you think that "We2andYou" comes from the OP being grammatically and lexically challenged? I seriously doubt it. "They" made coherent sentences just fine.

P.S. Incorrect spelling and grammar are pet-peeves of mine, and there are times when I want to copy posts on this forum and return them with all the errors corrected BUT I HAVE SELF CONTROL!

(I won't name names either!)
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