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A bit of weirdness on OKC - I messaged someone that has a lot of interests in common with me, she messaged me back, etc. She looked vaguely familiar, but that happens to me a lot and I didn't think much of it. Showed her picture to Mal earlier today, and he's like "I know that girl." We're pretty sure she works at the video rental place not a block from our house. If we're right, she's actually someone Mal and I have liked for a long time - pretty much since we moved here - just never talked to outside of the renting-a-movie context. I'll have to just take things a day at a time, same as I would any other person I meet on OKC... Feeling a little embarrassed now about all the times we've messed around (just being goofy) in front of her lol. No idea if she recognizes me or not.
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