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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
To me, I think a middle ground is to be had. I want people to be healthy and fit. People who are too thin or too fat just project that they don't care about themselves, so why would they care about a relationship with me?
Yeah... that gets my hackles up.

I have, for about 5 years, hovered around 230-250. Flattish belly, great figure, and lots of energy. I made noises about wanting to lose weight, but really, I was happy.

Then stress hit.

My husband had 2 heart attacks. I lost what I thought was a secure job. Then I lost a 2nd job. Then I started another job. Then we got involved in poly.

My figure changed. I am now round, more barrell shaped, have excess fat where before was tightness and tautness, and stepped on the scale this morning to discover I have broken yet another one of my personal "I'll never weigh that much" lines.

Is it because I don't care about myself? Nope - I do.. and am working on it.

Likely had we not had as much of a stressful year as we had, I would have not gained or continued on the losing track.

So making an assumption based on what someone looks like - you may lose out on a really great person.

Sexy is an attitude. Its a state of mind. Its a state of confidence. It has nothing to do with body size or shape.
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