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Originally Posted by zonino View Post
I have plenty of female friends that are attractive and I am not in love with them. I love them as friends. But I have fallen in love easily with other girls, but not all, so of course it can't be that I fall for every girl I meet.
I'd suggest you maybe not throw the term "love" around quite so loosely. It might help you understand relationships better and navigate them better.

There are many ways we feel some unknown connection to people. Often times that feeling represents "potential". But like scratch tickets, "potential" doesn't always develop the way we think/hope it might. You have to scratch off the surface first to reveal what's truly underneath.

It's easy to be attracted to people - and on various levels. It's not about looks etc although that may play a part.

But love is something that usually grows over a period of time as we peel back the layers of the onion. Until we get to the real core we really shouldn't be calling it "love". It can be many other things including that potential. But time will tell us better what that connection we felt to someone really is based on - and there are MANY facets. All of them have a lesson or something in there for us (and them), but a lesson does not equal "love".

My thoughts & experience anyway...............

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