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i was SMO last year. so was my DH...
I had gastric bypass and now I'm still considered overweight but I'm not skinny. I have a lot of padding around my hips and belly due to excess skin.

I like a man or a woman with some padding. I don't like skinny. I don't like bony and yet here I am with bony shoulders... ankles and wrists. After plastics my hips will stick out too... when I lay down you can see ribs..even with the layer of skin padding me...

healthy and fit is sexy.

I am healthy and fit. I can walk forever.. I can run a little but I don't cause I'm old and it hurts my joints. I can do yoga for hours.. and not just sitting and meditating.. I have heavy dense muscles.

People that assume that fat or overweight folks are slobs or don't care about themselves have no clue... I struggled so hard to try to lose weight and NOTHING I did would budge me under 200 and at under 5'3" that's still obese.

heck 180 renders me obese still...

I'm still overweight by the charts... but not to look at me or hug my bony body....
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