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Default Greetings

It is kind of a funny story how I have came to join this site. My husband(Quath) has been active in Polyamory in his past relationships but I have not. Over the years ( married 5 together 7) I have been open and supportive as my husband told me all about his life and the life in a polyamourous relationships. I have no problems with the life style except I don't believe it is for me. So long story short, I wanted a puppy so I promised I would join a polyamory site if he let me get a puppy. I know, it sounds bad but here I am, good to my word. I am feeling like this life isn't for me which is really hard for my hubby. I don't like to share. lol I am willing to listen, research and stay open. Glad to be here.
: )
ps I am pretty new at online forums. Please excuse any faux pas.
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