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Well I read some reviews on lavalife. Sounds like a dud - have to pay to message people unless you're a woman, filled with fake profiles, mostly popular in Canada ect.

I have checked a lot of OKC question answers. There are several that hint at the idea of open relationships. Most women respond in a negative fashion towards them. Many don't answer enough questions to even get to those.
I find a lot of my higher match percentages just haven't answered many questions. "Hey I match her 98%... wait... she only answered 32 questions..."

I kinda of think my best chances on OKC are in someone that doesn't know they would be open to a 3 person relationship because it has never come up in their lives. I look at how many people are willing to have an affair with a married person.... If I meet someone as a friend and there is attraction, possibly they will be willing to go further if they know it all okay. Possibly....

I know poly comes in many flavors, but what I want is pretty "softcore" meaning I am not looking for a live-in or a triad or anything. I just want a somewhat casual, easy relationship with heavy emphasis on the friends connection, not on the sex.

It could last 6 months or 6 years. I have set expectations I won't bend on, but I am somewhat open to sort of "be what someone else needs" too.

Maybe she is only in town for the school year and wants someone stable without getting into a deep, serious relationship. Maybe shes a single mother who wants to focus on raising her kids and not trying to manage a relationship, yet would still enjoy someone close in her life. Maybe shes just out of a long relationship and wants someone close while still having the freedom to date Mr. Right if he comes around. I am pretty open to how I could fit into somones life that isn't aware/into the poly lifestyle. I am of course very open to a woman with a primary also.

Ugg, I better head to work.... thanks for letting me vent/ramble... I am a little frustrated.
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