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Ok, I have had sex with skinny women....OBESE women, and women who have a decent figure with a little extra weight on them.

I am fairly athletic and skinny myself. (6'4" tall and only 165 lbs) Two skinny people, doesn't work IMO. LOL It litteraly hurt my pelvis to have sex with a skinny woman.

Having sex with an obese woman, doesn't allow her to position herself in enough pleasurable positions IMO. Now, this doesn't mean she won't enjoy the sex....just that I like to change positions a lot. LOL

Having sex with women with meat on their bones, is PERFECT. I like my women to weigh more than me. They need to be in the 175-250 range, and be at least 5'2" to 6' tall. This way, they have a figure (not a shape...round is a shape ya know...a FIGURE) AND, they can move around and change positions mid way if we decide to do so. Also, more positional options are available to us.

My wife is a well built is our girlfriend. I find them BOTH sexy as hell. Do I like to LOOK at thinner women? Yes, I do. But I wouldn't choose to sleep with them. I've done it, and it doesn't work for me.
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