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I have been reading your posts and thinking. Thank you.

I think we have grown apart and our best friend status isnt enough to keep me from wanting to stray. I was bi and poly before I met him. I gave all that up to start a family. Well, 10 yrs have gone by and still no kids. Intimacy is a chore for both of us since the fight. We are better friends. I am resentful he wont even listen to consider. I was unable to connect with him 2 nights ago. This saddens me. We get along fine, and thats the problem. He'd be fine in a sexless marriage, but I'll feel like my life is slipping by without the intensity that comes from new loves. I am currently saving money in case the inevitable happens. I can see him in my future, and even with kids, but only if he lets me live out / be more sexual. Right now this 'missionary' lifestyle isnt cutting it for me.

We'll see what happens as time passes. All I think about is dating new people already in my life. I flirt with cute men, and they flirt back, but that isnt enough. I want to... I need to... But I cant! Grr :O

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