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Default Hello everyone!

Im Kat from toronto canada. i dont know if u can call wat i have a poly relationship. i am sorta new to this term polyamory.I've always wonder if there was such a thing and if there were others like me. I was never a relationship type of girl, i was more like the fuck buddies or friends with benefits type of girl. When I start talkin to someone, the first thing i ask what are you looking for: a friend, gf, fuck buddy, friends wit benefits.
Right now im seeing two men. they both are aware that they are not the only ones that im wit. one of them is actually seeing other people as well. and im fine with. the other other man is just with me. he doesnt like it but he's dealing wit it because my other partner ive known for sometime now. we started out as fuck buddies as time went we got closer but we just dont wanna be tied down by one person.With my 2nd partner, i was up front and honest and told him i was seeing someone but that it was and open relationship, as much as my 2nd partner might not want me to have another man, he'll just have to deal wit it because i just started dating him over a month ago.

Here another twist to my story former lovers / freinds wit benefits wit is i think tryin to start something again. and my feeling for him is not resolved.
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