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Well, within a five week period, i went from "the only lover she ever needed other than her husband" and "her main love" to "I am spending time with person-X because I am lonely, but he is just for fun, you are the one I love" to "I love person-X, but I love you more" to "I love you and person-X equally" to "I love you, but person-X is now my main priority."

I know my insecurities were a big issue. She said she understood how the rapid changes could make me insecure, but then said that part of the reason for the rapid changes was because of my insecurity. I expressed my insecurity as calmly as possible...there were no accusations or yellling or fact we were usually in bed holding each other during these discussions. I usually just got sad and cried a little, then could pull myself together and tell her I would adapt.

Please remember that this was the first time with something like this for me, I tried as hard as I could to adapt to these changes, and up until the end I was doing well, but in the end the last change just broke me. I felt like i was in a no-win situation.

Now I look back and think I could have given it more time, but it is too late now.

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