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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
People who are too thin or too fat just project that they don't care about themselves, so why would they care about a relationship with me?
Oooh, I hate that notion! Makes me so mad when people think that. It's such a selfish viewpoint. Who is anyone else to say I don't care enough about myself because I gain weight? Or that I can't care about anyone else enough? Come on, that's horse shit. Many big curvy women have great self-esteem and love their ample bodies -- and are healthy! Besides, lots of people eat when stressed, you know, or are on medication that causes weight gain (or loss) -- being large doesn't automatically mean they don't care. Or you could see someone who appears heavy and you think, "Ecch, look at her. She doesn't care enough about herself to look presentable or be a healthy weight," and yet what you are unaware of is that she's already put in a lot of effort and lost 75 lbs or something! And has tons of esteem. You'll never find out if you don't let yourself get to know that person.
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