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I've got an active profile on okcupid - I've just been selective in who I answer when I get messaged. I also only approach folks who have in their profiles that they are poly, or have answered the question if they are looking for an open marriage/relationship the same way I have. most of the folks who match in the high 90's range with me seem to be on the same page with me relationship-wise.

That being said: I've met one guy in person, who I think could turn into a neat friendship, but not likely anything more. And that's fine with me. I've also chatted with two other folks who I hope to facilitate a real life meeting with soon. I'm not even necessarily looking for any additional lovers at this point - just other poly friends who I can talk to and are understanding of my non-traditional mindset.

BTW - I am female and straight. Just for data collecting purposes.
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