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Default wife

My wife is an amazing woman. She is the center of my life, the mother of my children, my soulmate and best friend.

When i met my lover, my wife saw how happy it made me and was secure enough to encourage the relationship strongly. When problems arose, she was patient and supportive at first and helped me deal with the insecurities, but the last couple of weeks she got angry about what she felt was insensitive behavior and carelessness with my feelings on the part of my lover. When my lover told me I was no longer her primary interest because of the fact that I was having insecurity issues, that was kind of the final straw for my wife.

She is still helping me through this but she's the other woman but also a bit with me since i am having second thoughts about the wisdom of the breakup. She says she can support us trying to rebuild a friendship, although I can tell that bothers her too. She doesn't think i should go "crawling back" and ask for more than just friends though. The thing is, it doesn't feel inside like I would be "crawling back." It feels more like wanting to heal and rebuild something even better than what we had. But perhaps I am just deluding myself.
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