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Originally Posted by Jefferz View Post
" ... my partner has always told me that she saw love and sex as 2 different things. [....] I have always made love to her, whereas she prefers to "Just F**k." She has always taken the 2 in separate context."
Love and sex are two different things but if any two different things were ever mutually enhancing in a big way, these two are. I take "just f**k" to mean, more or less, leaving the love/heart out of it. If she's "just f**king" you and you're making love with her, you might notice that you're feeling a little lonely when you're just being f**ked. I would.

This comment doesn't suggest that the sex can't be wild and hot and "nasty" and also loving or heartfull. It can. Some people think of "making love" as all "tenderness and flowers", and therefore not wild and hot and "nasty", but that's just more social conditioning we can overcome--by gettting hot-n-nasty with our hearts wide open to each other. You can "cut loose" sexually AND let your heart open wide to each other and the Cosmos.

I had a 21 yr old girlfriend when I was thirty. And I've been 21 myself, long ago. 21 year old people generally think they know themselves, about life, about love-&-sex..., but they're just getting started in the learning. Once your partner learns to hook her heart up to her erogenous zones, everything is gonna look surprizingly different to her.
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