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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
I kind of get it like there is a point after which you simply want things to remain vague and unconfirmed Mono?

You don't want the details because it isn't healthy for you emotionally or mentally to know?

(Sorry Redpepper if I'm hijacking btw)

Is this something the two of you work on together to stretch in you Mono (as RP seems to have a need to talk to you about these experiences) or something that you both recognise is a no-go zone either for now - or for all time?
Leo is a non-sexual boyfriend. We are all friends. They care about each other and are attracted to each other. If I was not in the picture they would likely take thier relationship further. I just don't need to see or hear about thier "beyond friendship" attraction. I know it is there and can handle it.

If they wanted it to go farther I would step back. They seem happy and that is all that matters I guess.

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