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Trust me, I can relate. We got lucky. We met the woman we are currently dating, on OKC. Oddly enough, she said she thought she had deleted her profile from there months before I contacted her. Then, out of nowhere, I send her an e-mail. She said she thought it was weird. Then, within like 3 days, she actually DID delete her account from there. I kept mine on for a few weeks more. Then, my wife and I decided that V was the one....and I deleted my account too. I have not had any luck on Craigslist at all....other than people wanting NSA sex. (Not what I'm looking for)

My wife, on the other hand, had guys trying to date her left and right. Geee....I wonder why? Then, she actually dated one...he got what he wanted, after like 3 weeks and more than a few dates, and was gone. Typical freaking scumbag. He made my wife happy for the time they were dating though, so I was supportive. I voiced my concerns, and what I saw. My wife wouldn't believe me....soooo...yeah.

Anyway, it has been my experience that on OKC, guys are USUALLY simply looking to hook up, while women are USUALLY looking for mono relationships. There are a few would certainly be easier to have a site dedicated to just poly people.

The problem? Guys would use it to try to simply hook up with random women and have sex.....because, afterall, "poly women are all nympho's who cant get enough sex"....right?
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