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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
something that was hard for him, I'm sure. .
I did push myself a little and was really happy to give you that gift when I woke up this morning. I had uncomfortable thoughts when lying in my bed only feet away from your room. I could hear you gigling and was thinking about you snuggling and flirting with your mutual sexual attraction on your bed with Leo. I couldn't sleep and was glad when the night came to an end. But I was really happy in the morning because I did it and I knew you had fun....and then the "To Much Information" email came in.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I feel a little unsteady today as I gave him too much info about my night and should of known better..
It kind of confirmed those uncomfortable thoughts and took away from the healthiness of the experience for me. And of course my reaction probably took away from your happiness. We'll have to work on some tricks to bypass my brain I think. There is a grey area between completley cool and uncrossable lines that I just don't need to hear about or see. Just that little bit of info, (which really contained nothing new except reinfiorcing my thoughts), was enough to set me back.
I'm not a fan of DADT for the big things, but this isn't that big and so sweet sweet ignorance is perfectly fine for me. Some people will call me out for not being able to deal..that's fine, I agree and never claimed to be able to handle the idea of RP with another guy. But in my mind, a little DADT is better than hurting my connection with the woman I love. Some people will also say, well why can't that apply to a full physical relationship...good point. I guess in perfect scenario DADT would work but in most cases it doesn't.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I hope that I can have Leo over again.
Of course you will be able to and I won't deny it will be more of a challenge for me. I'll deal with it

XOXOXO...gotta get you a better Movie player though.

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