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Originally Posted by SvartSvensk View Post
First some backstory. The first night we started chatting, we were supposed to meet for dinner and drinks, but she got stuck at work, and it kept geting later and later, eventually she said she had to bail because she had a very early flight the next day and it was just too late. The next time she was going to meet me, she said she got stuck at work. This time, we were initially supposed to get together around lunchtime, at about 1:30 said she was going to run and shower then text me. I didn't get a text from her until after 5 PM - she said she sent me a text hours before but I didn't get one. She blames her phone, and I'm dubious. Then she said she'd come by after she dropped her nephews off at 7:30 - I didn't hear from her until after 11, when she called to say she had a big fight with her sister and her sister's husband. She sounded genuinely upset, crying. We talked for a bit, but that was all. Regardless of what she's actually dealing with, I feel strung-along, which is such a bummer because I do genuinely like this person. I said before I wasn't getting my hopes up, well, now they're even lower. I'm going to leave the ball in her court; if she really likes me and wants to meet me, she'll show a little effort. If not, then it ain't worth troubling myself over.
Sorry my friend, but she is either fucking with you or she is completely unreliable, and really? Do you want that from a poly situation? It's just not going to add up to fun times... more like a nightmare. She doesn't seem to have what it takes to be in a poly dynamic. I wouldn't be wasting my time anymore if I were in your shoes. Go put your energy elsewhere I say.
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