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Went to another poly party last night. Feeling discouraged now about the "community." I kept getting cornered by guys who were clearly on the prowl, which wasn't appealing at all. It didn't make me feel very special when I said "no" and they moved on to proposition the next chick. It seemed like lots of people there were using polyamory as an excuse to find people to randomly screw around with. Wasn't much different than any other pick-up joint, except that everything was more overt and out in the open, with clumps of people here and there making out and a few guys attempting to kiss me without even knowing my name. In thinking about it today, I'm not sure I will go back to these poly events. If I want to live my life having more than one partner, I would rather establish good, fun relationships with people first, and just be honest with everyone, not limit myself to the poly community or hook up with whoever shows interest. [sigh]
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