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Chiming in....

We2andYou had some valid points in . My fellow moderator (and friend), SeventhCrow, and I agree on most things, but I do think he has a tendency to be a bit harsh on "unicorn hunters". The repetition of "unrealistic" seems to me to go a little too far. In any case, it's not helpful to discourage folks overly much, and Crow was a little too discouraging, I think. Happy triads do exist, and even ones with a high degree of equality of love, respect, inclusion....

But Crow has every right to express his personal opinions and style in here, as we all do. He, like myself, is a member/participant in this forum first, and a moderator second. We're just people, and we're really NOT always wearing any sort of Moderator Hat, nor wanting to be thought of as heavies or authorities. We're just a couple of guys who like to zap some spam and drive off folks who will be over-the-top disruptive of our purpose in this forum.

When we disagree with one another, any of us -- moderators or otherwise --, we're reasonable enough people and we can talk it through.

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