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Thank you all for your responses, they have helped me greatly.

I would have to admit, freely, that yes, I feel threatened by my partner possibily loving another person also, I guess my mentality towards love just doesn't stretch that far.

I will say however, that my partner has always told me that she saw love and sex as 2 different things. We have had a bit of an issue with sex for some time. I have always made love to her, whereas she prefers to "Just F**k." She has always taken the 2 in separate context.

I will say that last evening, I did actually discuss the matter with my Partner. She does not seek the affections or love of anyone else, nor would she welcome it, she has always loved me and us as a family, for the last 3 years, she has simply felt let down sexually. She would take the opportunity to explore and vent her sexual frustration in other ways though, occasionally.

This response may appear quite clinical, but I assure you the discussion was at length and she raised as many questions and thoughts as I did.

I do thank you so very much for responding to my question, I have been considering this course of action for some time.

Thank you

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