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Default Communication

There have been various posts about communication, & the lack of, here & there in the places I visit frequently.

A lot of times it isn't about the communication itself but about the different communication STYLES and the people involved.

I do well with both written & verbal communication although my forte is with the written word since I have a problem communicating my emotions & feelings verbally without having it blow up on me.

Breathes isn't doing well, lately, with any communication style other than distancing himself from loved ones so he doesn't take out his frustrations on those closest to him. Most of it starts around his birthday & continues on through Christmas & New Year's. Normally he prefers face to face verbal communication since, to him, the written word can't convey the feelings and emotions involved.

Possibility does better with the written word. It forces him, to some extent, to concentrate on what he's saying rather than having just a jumble of thoughts and emotions trying to force their way to the fore in a way which isn't conducive to effective communication.

Not really sure where I'm going with this but just wanted to get my thoughts down for some reason.
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